Thursday, September 30, 2010

Self Control ain't Legit to Politicians

Right now there's a large congregation of people that won popularity contests across the nation deciding what you can or cannot do. Kind of arrogant, huh? It's okay, we trust they know what they're doing. Why else did at least 20% percent of us vote for them? It's not like we need a majority vote, anyway. Most of us have faith the people who do vote know our man with the plan and we're just too busy living our lives to know what the bisy bodies are doing. It's all good until a candy bar costs over $50 dollars due to inflation and while your enjoying a smoke break at work a cop slaps it out of your hand and shoves in nightstick up your ass.
They make decisions of how to spend the money they extorted from everyone in this country. I say extorted because it's not as if you really had a choice to pay your taxes or not. You either do or get a gun to your head. Given, many of you believe the system just needs fixing and are more than willing to contribute, but believe it or not some people would rather live out in uncharted woods to desperately escape for the sake of their chance of freedom and they would still have to pay property tax.
Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm starting to sound like one of the tea baggers, right? Let me just ask you something while I pour some cream in my soda and light up a spliff. What's more important to you, a sense of security or accepting the consequences of your own actions? Drug addicts, robbers, muggers, killers, gangs, etc will always exist. Cops are too busy collecting traffic tickets because it's their only incentive for more money. Sure, sure, we'll fix all that incentive stuff with communism. Tough luck, you can buy out anyone. Don't be a fascist, what you do is your choice, accept the consequences, and don't let some baby boomer in Washington tell you otherwise.